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Below are the latest messages posted by the French Tutorial members in the community forum.

 sheeene24 Re: Need co-learner
@amoreemusica oh sorry, im still in the pronunciation of the alphabet. its kinda hard...
today at 5:48am

 amoreemusica Re: Need co-learner
@sheeene24 , it means how are you doing?
Friday at 2:58pm

 sheeene24 Re: Need co-learner
@amoreemusica , hello. what does ca va means?
Friday at 2:33pm

 amoreemusica Re: Need co-learner
Allo tout le monde ! Ca va?
Thursday at 2:46pm

 chempaka looking for study partners
Hello, i'm new here and looking for fellow french  learners to help me practice...
Thursday at 2:09pm

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