This is really easy to deal with first group verbs in the future tense.

Take the infinitive form and just add endings. As a consequence, the verb "aimer" (to love) becomes:


English French Audio. Press to listen!
I will love j'aimerai
you will love tu aimeras
he/she will love il/elle aimera
we will love nous aimerons
you will love vous aimerez
they will love ils/elles aimeront


  • Je suis sûr que vous aimerez la plage.
    I am sure you'll love the beach.

Let's try with another example: calmer (to calm someone down)


English French
I will calm him down je le calmerai
you will calm him down tu le calmeras
he/she will calm him down il/elle le calmera
we will calm him down nous le calmerons
you will calm him down vous le calmerez
they will calm him down ils/elles le calmeront