Third group verbs in the future tense

Most of the 3rd group verbs are regular.

partir (to leave)

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I will leave je partirai
you will leave tu partiras
he/she will leave il/elle partira
we will leave nous partirons
you will leave vous partirez
they will leave ils/elles partiront

Some verbs end in "e". Replace it by le futur endings.

prendre (to take)

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I will take je prendrai
you will take tu prendras
he/she will take il/elle prendra
we will take nous prendrons
you will take vous prendrez
they will take ils/elles prendront

Vivre (to live)

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I will live je vivrai
you will live tu vivras
he/she will live il/elle vivra
we will live nous vivrons
you will live vous vivrez
they will live ils/elles vivront

There are however particular cases:

Verbs with "-enir" ending

Replace "-enir" by "-iendr". For example:

venir (to come) >>>> je viendrai

tenir (to hold) >>>> je tiendrai

tenir (to hold)
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I will hold je tiendrai
you will hold tu tiendras
he/she will hold il/elle tiendra
we will hold nous tiendrons
you will hold vous tiendrez
they will hold ils/elles tiendront

verbs with "-rir" endings

Verbs such as mourir (to die) or courir (to run) have a double-r in the future. When saying "je courrai", pronounce "je courrrrrrrai"! ;-)

mourir (to die)
English French
I will die je mourrai
you will die tu mourras
he/she will die il/elle mourra
we will die nous mourrons
you will die vous mourrez
they will die ils/elles mourront

faire (to do)

No rule, sorry! Just learn...

faire (to do)
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I will do je ferai
you will do tu feras
he/she will do il/elle fera
we will do nous ferons
you will do vous ferez
they will do ils/elles feront

And the others

  • voir (to see) >>>> je verrai, tu verras, ...
  • verbs as joindre (to join) >>>> je joindrai, tu joindras, ...
  • and many many many you'll have to learn !