"What is today's date?" is said "Quel jour sommes-nous ?" Audio. Press to listen!.

Days of the week are the following. Note that monday is the first day of a French week (a week=une semaine):

Days Jours de la semaine  Audio. Press to listen!
monday lundi
tuesday mardi
wednesday mercredi
thursday jeudi
friday vendredi
saturday samedi
sunday dimanche

In French, samedi and dimanche are called "le week-end" ! It is pronounced the same as in English.

Here are the names of the months in French:

Months Mois  Audio. Press to listen!
january janvier
february février
march mars
april avril
may mai
june juin
july juillet
august août
september septembre
october octobre
november novembre
december décembre

A complete date is built on this model:

day day# month year

For example, when we wrote this page the date was:

mercredi 10 novembre 1999

A particular case occurs on the first day of the month. French write: "samedi 1er janvier 2000". "er" means "premier" (first).

To the question "Quel jour sommes-nous ?", we could have answered:

  • nous sommes le mercredi 10 novembre 1999
  • or nous sommes le mercredi 10 novembre
  • or nous sommes le mercredi 10
  • or nous sommes le 10
  • or nous sommes mercredi

N.B.: Date is sometimes written DD/MM/YYYY. For example, November 2nd 1999 is written 02/11/1999 or 2/11/1999.