Since the first of January 2002, the Euro (€ or EUR) is the currency unit in France but also in the following countries:

  • Austria (l'Autriche)
  • Belgium (la Belgique)
  • Finland (la Finlande)
  • Germany (l'Allemagne)
  • Greece (la Grèce)
  • Ireland (l'Irlande)
  • Italy (l'Italie)
  • Luxembourg (le Luxembourg)
  • Netherlands (les Pays-Bas)
  • Portugal (le Portugal)
  • Spain (l'Espagne)

These 12 countries are called the Euroland or "la Zone Euro". €1 is approximately equal to 1.10 Dollar (as of February 2003).

One Euro is equal to 100 Cent. In France, people are used to using the word centime(s) in place of Cent. You also have to remember that, in French, Euro takes an 's' in the plural.


  • €0.15 (15 centimes) Audio. Press to listen!
  • €1.00 (1 Euro) Audio. Press to listen!
  • €4.54 (4 Euros 54) Audio. Press to listen!