Some 3rd group verbs, such as ouvrir Audio. Press to listen! (to open), end as follows:

ouvrir Audio. Press to listen! to open
j'ouvre I open
tu ouvres you open
il ouvre he opens
nous ouvrons we open
vous ouvrez you open
ils ouvrent they open

NB: "ouvre", "ouvres" and "ouvrent" should be pronounced the same way. Do not pronounce final "s".

Other verbs like ouvrir:

(to offer)
j'offre, tu offres, il offre, nous offrons, vous offrez, ils offrent
souffrir  Audio. Press to listen!
(to suffer)
je souffre, tu souffres, il souffre, nous souffrons, vous souffrez, ils souffrent

and also all verbs based on ouvrir: couvrir (to cover), découvrir (to discover), recouvrir (to cover), entrouvrir (to open a little), rentrouvrir (to open a little again), rouvrir (to open again).