Some 3rd group verbs, such as partir Audio. Press to listen! (to leave), end as follows:

partir Audio. Press to listen! to leave
je pars I leave
tu pars you leave
il part he leaves
nous partons we leave
vous partez you leave
ils partent they leave

NB: "pars" and "part" should be pronounced the same way. Do not pronounce final "s" or "t"

Other verbs like partir:

mentir Audio. Press to listen!
(to lie)
je mens, tu mens, il ment, nous mentons, vous mentez, ils mentent
(to go out)
je sors, tu sors, il sort, nous sortons, vous sortez, ils sortent

and also: consentir (to grant), pressentir (to have a premonition about something), ressentir (to feel), démentir (to deny), repartir (to leave again), ressortir (to go out again).


  • Je pars en vacances Audio. Press to listen!
    I go on holiday
  • Nous ressortons à 18 heures Audio. Press to listen!
    We go out again at 6 pm.