About the author

My name is Hervé FOUCHER. I am 49 and live near Paris.

In 1998, I graduated from EFREI and joined Dassault Systèmes, the second largest software vendor in Europe. I still work for the company today.

The French Tutorial

In 1999, I started working on the French Tutorial because... I wanted to learn Italian and couldn't find any good free ressource on the internet (it may have changed since that time!). I said to myself: "By the way, is there a good french tutorial available?". I found a few but thought I could definitely do a better job.

So, I started designing my own course from scratch. At first, the site received very few visitors but months after months more and more learners visited frenchtutorial.com and sponsors started beeing interesting in advertising.

In 2005, The French Tutorial became a sole proprietorship business. I chose Briow as a company name.