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The French Tutorial is a charityware. You may of course use it for free but should you appreciate the website and the proposed content, please consider making a donation to the Erica Leafquist Fund to help discover drugs and therapies to improve ALL’s cure rate.

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Erica was 14 when she passed away after a ten year battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). I met Erica’s parents, Eric and Kathy Leafquist. They established the Erica Leafquist Fund, at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, to honor their beloved daughter and continue the fight against ALL. Despite medical advances, more children die from ALL than all other pediatric cancers combined.

The Erica Leafquist Fund will empower Dr. Lewis Silverman, and his research team, to deepen their understanding of relapsed ALL and improve ALL’s cure rate. In the face of ALL, Erica showed an unconquerable spirit. Now it is the spirit of the Erica Leafquist Fund to conquer ALL.


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